Post 133: Goodbye Mom

DSC_0016It’s inevitable that on any mission something is bound to knock you flat on your back. I knew it. I knew I something would happen that would push me down so hard that I wouldn’t want to get up. But never, never im a million years did I think it would be this bad.

It was supposed to be a plateau. It was supposed to be a vacation of bingeing. It was supposed to be a broken toe. But it’s not, and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever known.

Last week, my mom, the woman who gave everything and loved unconditionally, passed away. She was the best person in this world, and a life without her is inconceivable. If I could paint a picture for you, I would, but I really don’t feel it would do her justice. The best I can do is teach the many things she taught me as I carry out the rest of this year.

Let me tell you a little bit about my mom, health wise. She was petite, and she owned it. I never heard a bad comment about body image from her – ever. In my most critical moments, she saw the beauty in others. She was always well put together. She was never really on a diet, and she didn’t have a gym membership, but she ate in moderation, allowed herself culinary indulgences, and exercised with her friends.

She did express concern as I grew more rotund, but was kind. She wanted me to be healthy, and I dismissed her too often.  Both she and I would have liked to see me fit and healthy, but these last few months I think we were just excited to see each other period. One thing she was always proud of: my writing.

So here’s where I recommit myself to the blog that she never got to read. It’s been 181 days and there are 184 left. I’ve written 132 posts and need to catch up on 49. So this is it.

After all, mom always told me to finish out my commitments. I miss you mom, and I’m finishing what I started.


Post 132: Catching Up

imgresMy morning workouts have not been happening. Big surprise – I’ve never been an early riser.

Yet, because it’s a necessaity, I’m trying to train myself to be awake at 5am. For the past two weeks, my alarm sounds just as the sun begins to rise. Yeah, I push snooze, but with every passing day I get more alert than the previous morning. As punishment for not making it to the gym, I don’t allow myself to go after work.

So one of these days, I will make it to the gym. Hopefully it’s tomorrow because I miss working out.

This post is dedicated to Tim, who asked about my blog. He even complimented it as “witty and funny”. Wow! Thanks Timmmay! Just for you, I’ll keep up with it! And good luck on your workouts!

Independent Mary Kay Consultant

I don’t feel this way very often, but I feel beautiful today.

It may have something to do with the fact that Hubbs told me so last night. It could also be because I rocked my power heels today. Another likely reason: I’ve taken my life into my own hands, and it is so liberating.

People don’t invest in themselves enough. Instead of taking a small risk or trying something new, most people chug along the track of daily life. Why do you think there are so many movies about the people who brave the possibilities and adventures outside of their comfort zones? Because it’s rare and admirable.

Skinny 365 was my first step outside my bubble. I had to admit to the world that I was overweight and unhealthy. I had to be willing to laugh in the face of insecurity and unearth that skinny girl I took seriously the whole time. Having this blog taught me how courageous and powerful I really am, so I took the next step.

I am now an Independent Mary Kay Consultant.

As my books fill up, I’m definitely using all the guts and skills I have to build my business. It’s scary and exciting and empowering.

My main objectives as a Mary Kay Consultant are:

  1. Bring in extra money
  2. Help other people feel good (I would love to be a life coach and Mary Kay gives me the chance to mentor other women.)
  3. Meet new people and be part of a positive culture
  4. Being really honest – I want to earn a car. (C’mon, who doesn’t. It’s why people went on Oprah.)

You don’t make an investment in yourself or your future if you don’t have a dream to attain. I think I’ve made the right one with Mary Kay, for myself, my family and for the lucky girls who will get facials and product from me.

Want to feel awesome like me? I’m telling you – join Mary Kay.

Post 129: Fitness Karma

KarmaI believe in Karma.

That school of thought that whatever you dole out  now will be returned to you in this life or the next. I’ve seen it happen, both immediately and in time.

I’m also a firsthand witness of fitness karma. Months and months of eating right and working out has finally yielded results via proof on the scale.

I’ve lost 2 pounds this week, and 4 pounds in two weeks.

So for everyone who has been trying and trying to lose weight. Just keep doing your best and getting better and better at eating healthy and making it to the gym. Karma always comes back to you in the end.


Post 128: YOLO

The alarm clock is across the room and at dark thirty tomorrow morning, I will wake up to the most annoying sound I could find. I’m getting up, grabbing my bags and repping it out first thing in the morning.

I’m adding decades to my life by living fit and losing weight. The more healthy I feel, the less I feel like wasting time. You want to know what skinny people have in common? They move around. They get up and have adventures. They take risks and they push their limits. If I’m going to live longer, I need to have some adventures too.

You only live once…so why not take advantage of the time you have?

Post 126: Let’s Take A Picture

Photogeneity is not my strong point.

Take a look at any of my Facebook albums and you will see that I’m never really looking in the right direction. I’m always standing too straight (trying to look skinny), or hunched over (for the more casual look). With a face that’s all cheeks, squinty eyes and wacky hair, I don’t know how I will ever leave this world with proof that I had any amount of poise, or even eyeballs.

If you’ve never had new girlfriends, know this: they want to document your initial bonding moments. I’ll tell you all about my new friends tomorrow, but I’m explaining why no pictures will be included today.

Pictures are a big reason behind people’s motivation to lose weight. They are also a way of tracking progress and showing results. So even though I haven’t figured out how to master the following tips, here’s how you can look your best in all future images.

Looking Good

1. Be a good subject. Be prepared, with hair done, makeup in place and best clothes.

2. Pop Your Joints – Putting your hands on your hips or putting one leg in front of the other makes your arms and legs appear skinnier.

3. Smile with your eyes – If you plan on smiling in your pictures, realize that it’s more than gritting your teeth in a positive way. Think about things that make you happy.

4. Look at the lens – kind of basic, but babies and I usually miss this one.

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Oh, and if you’ve successfully stalked my Facebook page, just know that I was not drink, high or unconscious in any of my photos. I know, I know – but it’s the truth.

Day 124: Paid in Full

“You want to pay the full amount?! WOW!”

Or course, Mr. Credit Card man, I do want to pay off my debt! So I’m using my tax refund to clear my name and be in good financial standing for the first time in my adult life.

Turning a blind eye on how little of my minimum payments was being attributed to the principle amount was too easy until I got married. It was the worst feeling to bring three maxed-out low-limit cards into my marriage. All the stories about money being one of the leading causes of divorce, and I thought for sure that my minor debts would break us.  But just a little bit of weight loss has has taught me that losing a burden is literally liberating.

Sweet freedom!

I paid off Discover and Capital One yesterday, two cards I quickly signed up for upon college graduation. They’ve been on my mind for five years. Today, I paid off my Wells Fargo card of nine years and received the above response.’s to getting out of debt and having healthy finances.

Now, what will I do with the money I was spending on those minimum payments?