Day 54: Angry Sauce

burger-king-angry-whopper-2“What makes it angry?”, I asked the Burger King guy.

“Well, our angry sauce ma’am.” he answered.

I was in doubt until I handed Hubbs his Angry Whopper and saw the jalapenos. Apparently they punch you in the face too. What the heck? I think the months eating “friendly” fruits and vegetables have made me wary of food that’s openly hostile.

As the health food revolution makes more and more influence, it makes sense that fast food would get a little mad. What happened to loyalty? What happened to value meals?

Like a jealous sibling, it seems that fast food is vying for attention with bad behavior. That goody two shoes healthy food is getting more and praise. It seems like the fast food industry is trying to get business by adding more bacon, spicy options and variety to its menus. Have you had Wendy’s salads? They are amazing!

imgresBecause of the paleo diet and the growing popularity of organic food, awareness of health food trends is spreading. This, I am grateful for, since I am fresh off the fast food expressway.

So, while I still have a spot in my heart for Burger King, Wendy’s and Sonic. No matter how angry they get, I’m turning to healthy food full time.


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