A Morning Workout

Mind over matter, mind over matter. Part of pushing yourself is prioritizing the goal in your mind and ignoring the pain. Mind over matter. This definitely works on the treadmill, but when it comes to getting my body out bed, matter outweighs mind 9 times out of 10.

On the days that I do complete a morning workout, I feel amazing. A recent article in health magazine said that morning workouts burn 20% more fat than gym sessions done later in the day.

Morning workouts to do few things:

  1. They get a fitness goal done for the day
  2. They get your circulation going
  3. They help you burn calories throughout the day
  4. They set your expectations of yourself higher – so you’re more likely to make good choices throughout the day.
  5. They get your endorphins going – so you feel better about life.
  6. They give your bragging rights (but you feel so good about yourself, bragging isn’t even necessary.)

I really, really love morning workouts. Hopefully my love for them will soon soak into my subconscious so that it’s easier to get up and do them..

I need workout inception…


Day 81: Crossfit

Crossfit session yesterday means sore Kate today. Or in Tabs’ words “Holy FML.”

Shirley has been telling me about Crossfit for months. She generously invited Tabs and I to join a trial workout, and I’m glad I went! For a workout that kicks your butt, there is a group of great people cheering you on the whole time.

It’s a little like summer camp. You are apprehensive of the experience, but once you get thrown into the lake with the other swimmers, you feel like one of the group. You end up going home glad that you went with great memories to share.

The workout was with partners, and since Shirley and Tabs are giants tall, they were a good pair. My partner Callie and I weren’t strangers for long, considering the first thing we had to do was drag each other 100 meters. They had to cut the workout in half for my weakling self, but it was still tough. All I have to say is poor Callie. I hope they give her a free class for dealing with me.

Anyway, here are a few things you should know about Crossfit:

1. Those pins on Pinterest that advertise a “Crossfit” workout: they may take you through the exercises, but they don’t re-create the atmosphere of a Crossfit session. Unless you have industrial sized tires, big boxes or any other fitness equipment you can only find in the training sequence of Rocky IV, it’s not a true Crossfit workout. For your reference, here it is. Don’t pay attention to Drago- focus on Rocky.

2. Don’t underestimate your own strength. I never thought I could do some of the things I tried yesterday, but they happened.

3. If you ever, EVER want to break the ice with anyone, drag them 100 meters. In lieu of hugging, I’m dabating making my children do this to each other when they aren’t getting along.

4. Cross fit is awesome, and the minute I can afford it, I’m signing up.

Special thanks to Shirley Kefgen, Haley Brinkerhoff, and Erin Finch for being my Corssfit heroes. And thanks to the staff of Firebird Crossfit for letting me entertain you yesterday.

Day 77: 27 Signs that Your Workouts are Working

  1. Your clothes are looser
  2. You can feel some muscle underneath that fat
  3. Your arms hurt so much that it takes 5 minutes and a lot of twisting to get out of your sports bra
  4. pinterest-inspirational-quotes-motivationYour mood is directly dependent on if you made it to the gym the previous day.
  5. When Nike commercials come on- you know what they are talking about
  6. 2 hours at the gym turns from a marathon into completely normal
  7. Post-gym exhaustion is now post-gym energy
  8. You can be half-asleep when you leave the house and STILL remember your gym bag..WITH everything you need in it
  9. There are callouses on your hands where you hold your weights
  10. You have welts on your knuckles from kickboxing
  11. You can run faster for longer
  12. Every song you hear is evaluated for its workout playlist potential
  13. You come up with reasons to move around…sitting still feels weird
  14. You are more likely to try new forms of exercise
  15. You start counting reps, sets and weights
  16. You no longer get winded after a few flights of stairs
  17. Goals seem so much more attainable
  18. You feel better about yourself..as a person
  19. People comment on your weight loss
  20. Feeling sick and lethargic happens less and less frequently
  21. You’re okay with being in pictures
  22. You are the one inviting your friends to the gym
  23. You feel beautiful after a workout..(okay- after a workout and a shower)
  24. You start abbreviating the names of muscle groups
  25. You naturally stand up straighter
  26. You are willing to spend money on more fitness clothes, gadgets and experiences
  27. You identify with fit people

Day 67: The Ultimate Excuse

chicksOf all the excuses and alternate plans I’ve made in my life, going to the gym is the most successful.

No one ever really tries to stop me from going to the gym. In fact, of all the people who could deter my gym trips, the only person who can dissuade me from visiting the gym is myself.

To those of you who have extended invitations to me which have been turned down because of a gym session, don’t worry. When I say I’m going to the gym, I’m definitely going to the gym. I’ve just realized that no one discourages me from following through on these plans.

Thinking back to my time in college, when plans to study were often met with “You can study later”, or “Don’t worry- you’ll pass the test. You’re smart”. These responses were also heard when I expressed interest in sleeping, reading and even the need to go to work.

Apparently I know a lot of people who have special respect for exercise or this is a viewpoint of society as a whole. In general, the response to my gym plan announcements is “okay”, but sometimes I a great response.

My favorite is my sister-in-law Holly’s “Right on!”


Day 58: Feeling It

Life is short...

I’m an open book. What you see on my face, the words I say- it’s all real.

This is a blessing and a curse. People believe what I say, but I also have a bad instant blushing trait. My emotions don’t get in the way of my life, but you can tell what I’m feeling. I don’t believe that you can be a writer without knowing the thoughts and emotions that dr


ive actions. I let myself feel anger, sadness, guilt and grief, but I never let them stay long. Perhaps that’s why I blush so hard when I’m embarrassed- I’m feeling all the mortification I will ever feel about that moment right then and there.

There’s too much to be happy about in this world, too many blessings to dwell on the negative.

So this article from Mark’s Daily Apple “The Physical Toll Negative Emotions”, really stuck out to me. In a very well written piece, he explains the physical connection with negative emotions and and immune function, heart attacks, stroke, depression and other negative emotions. He emphasizes that, “We’re designed, of course, to experience (and recover quickly from) a wide range of emotions, but when we get stuck in a negative rut for too long, it exacts a physiological as well as psychological toll.”


I couldn’t agree more! Experiencing negative emotions is completely healthy, but holding on to them is like carrying around a bag of garbage on a hot day.

How does this apply to weight loss? I used to have a lot of latent self-hate buried deep inside when I started Skinny 265. I’m sure it showed, but I didn’t want to admit to myself that I didn’t like that part of myself. I hid behind my strengths, knowing that my weaknesses

were literally taking up more and more space in my life. Since I’ve embraced self discipline, self control and given myself gym time and a nutrient-rich diet, I’ve felt that burden leave me. Had I not started this, I would never have known the difference.

Now that I love myself more, I am more loving and accepting of other people. It is easier to move past cha

llenges and harder to go back to old habits.

Want to lose weight and achieve your goals? Let go of negative emotions. Embrace love of self.

Read more: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/the-physical-toll-of-negative-emotions/#ixzz2FejNucNu

Day 44: Truffle Shuffling

I was the token fat kid today.

I’m not ready to wear yoga pants in public yet, but the darkness and fuzzy thoughts of this morning led me to grab them instad of loose-fitting gym pants. So when I showed up to kickbox cardio class today, I was more than aware of my less-than sveldt self. Not that anyone in the class was skinny, but I was the fattest. I’m felt like I looked like this



















Mortification is something I got over long ago. When I find myself getting embarrassed, I stop myself and move on. I only got embarassed when I looked in the mirror. But since the room was mirrored floor to ceiling on three walls, I was constantly pushing back my inclination to run and hide behind the punching bags.

I forced myself to power through the class, focusing not on my shape, but on my form. Did my punches coordinate with my footwork? Could I squat lower? Was I pushing through every kick? I probably didn’t come out of that class any skinnier, but I can confidently say I built my kickboxing skills!


Day 17: Soul Searching

I have a tendency to think WAY too much about stuff.

This might mean that I’m really intelligent, but I have the notion that it just takes twice the amount of brain power for my thought process to tell the difference between apples and oranges. Whatever. At least my brain isn’t going to waste.

Before I started Skinny 365, I thought a lot about myself, my body, my current status in life, and my goals. I quickly sorted out what was good: my husband, my marriage, my house, my family and some of my friends. I didn’t like my body, my lazy habits, parts of my job and some of my friends. With this data and some motivation from Gretchen Rubin and Rachel Bertsche, I came to a decision: in 1 year, I would be happier with my life.

So I took the steps necessary to do this. I stopped spending time with negative influences, and took steps to grow in my career.My lazy habits and bad body persisted to irk me. My belly was literally the standing standing between me and complete self-love.

I think that, in order to be happy with yourself, you need to step back and evaluate your life every so often. Find out what’s getting in your way. If it’s your paycheck, work on your skill set. If it’s your friends, well, the “Unfriend” button does exist. If it’s a layer of fat, burn it.

So, 10 pounds down and fully juiced, I’m ready for another evaluation. I recently ran across an article that’s perfect for this.

10 Critical Questions You Must Ask Yourself

Read the article for more explanation, but the questions are:

  1. What do I appreciate about my life?
  2. Am I spending time with the right people?
  3. What are my gut instincts telling me?
  4. What can I do right now to move forward with my goals?
  5. Am I selling myself short?
  6. How am I affecting the people in my life?
  7. Am I holding onto something I need to let go of?
  8. Who deserves to be forgiven?
  9. What are my fears stopping my from doing?
  10. In ten years, will I like where I am? (I changed this one)

I like how far I’ve come, and I think I’m headed it the right direction!