City Girl on the Farm

GoatOn the occasion that Hubbs’ parents are out of town, we pet sit for them. This doesn’t involve dog walking or poop scooping; they take their Jack Russell terrier with them. Twice a day, we head out to the pasture to feed three goats, a donkey, a mule and a dozen chickens.

Six years ago, this was all new and strange to me. Tip toeing out into the pasture and running from the goats was the norm. Now it’s totally normal, Everything is totally doable – except for refilling the large cans that hold the horse feed.

A bag of livestock feed (compacted hay pellets) is about 50 pounds*. To me, 50 pounds of The pellets are kept in a big can and refilled from the bags. Until a few weeks ago, I waited for Hubbs to unload the bags.

One evening I took all but 10 hay pellets to feed the animals. Knowing that I would have to come again in the morning before work and would only be slowed by scooping food directly from the bag, I decided to dump the bag myself.

50 pounds is too much for me to lift right now, but I wasn’t about to let my laziness today get in the way of my punctuality tomorrow. So I tore open the bag and, cup by cup, scooped about 30 pounds of feed into the can. Scoop by scoop, the bag became lighter and lighter until I could finally lift it and dump the remaining pellets in the can.

That’s how we lose fat. Ounce by ounce. Pound by pound. This un-liftable bag of feed weight just a little bit more than the amount I want to lose. While I just want to wake up one day and see it all gone, my weight loss is going to work more like my experience with the bag of horse feed.

So scoop by scoop I’m going to lose it.

* Correction – The bags are 80 pounds! Whoa!


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