Post 135: Oooh it’s Hot Outside

Residents of the Valley of the Sun are all familiar with two points in the year. I like to call them the spring and fall switch. The spring switch happened a few days ago – the first flash of unbearable heat that’s a preview into the summer about to come.

The fall switch is much nicer: that first day when it’s just a little cooler; the preview into the temperate and pleasant winter.

The spring switch reminds many people of fun trips down the river and long afternoons floating around in the pool, surrounded by friends. To me, May to September involves me running from one air conditioned place to another, downing water and reapplying sunscreen.

Phoenix summers are one of the main reasons I have a gym membership.  I’ve had too many cases of heat poisoning and dehydration to not be hydrated all the time. Actually, since I’m less likely to get mugged or raped by running at the gym than on the streets, I’m beginning to think that Phoenix summers are one of the reasons I know so much about fitness.

So…thank you unbearable heat?


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