Post 134: A Healthy Weight

So my mother-in-law Carol is right. I make it sound like I’m this big obese cow when I’m actually just overweight.

I’m kind of like a Corgi: short and good natured with a long stamina, but if you don’t run me I get fat fast.

But what is fat? What is a healthy weight? One Christmas, I traveled to my brother’s house and stepped on the scale. After losing 30 pounds, I was very proud of myself. I was 138, with a goal weight of 125. Well, my dad and my brother also stepped on the scale and they were also 138 pounds. Two six foot men! Underweight? I think so!

But to talk to my brother, if he gained 5-10 pounds, he would be healthy.

So, at what point can you call yourself healthy? Using a BMI chart doesn’t take muscle or pregnancy into account. Is is better to be muscular or lean? My healthy weight would be anywhere between 125-130.


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