Post 132: Catching Up

imgresMy morning workouts have not been happening. Big surprise – I’ve never been an early riser.

Yet, because it’s a necessaity, I’m trying to train myself to be awake at 5am. For the past two weeks, my alarm sounds just as the sun begins to rise. Yeah, I push snooze, but with every passing day I get more alert than the previous morning. As punishment for not making it to the gym, I don’t allow myself to go after work.

So one of these days, I will make it to the gym. Hopefully it’s tomorrow because I miss working out.

This post is dedicated to Tim, who asked about my blog. He even complimented it as “witty and funny”. Wow! Thanks Timmmay! Just for you, I’ll keep up with it! And good luck on your workouts!


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