Independent Mary Kay Consultant

I don’t feel this way very often, but I feel beautiful today.

It may have something to do with the fact that Hubbs told me so last night. It could also be because I rocked my power heels today. Another likely reason: I’ve taken my life into my own hands, and it is so liberating.

People don’t invest in themselves enough. Instead of taking a small risk or trying something new, most people chug along the track of daily life. Why do you think there are so many movies about the people who brave the possibilities and adventures outside of their comfort zones? Because it’s rare and admirable.

Skinny 365 was my first step outside my bubble. I had to admit to the world that I was overweight and unhealthy. I had to be willing to laugh in the face of insecurity and unearth that skinny girl I took seriously the whole time. Having this blog taught me how courageous and powerful I really am, so I took the next step.

I am now an Independent Mary Kay Consultant.

As my books fill up, I’m definitely using all the guts and skills I have to build my business. It’s scary and exciting and empowering.

My main objectives as a Mary Kay Consultant are:

  1. Bring in extra money
  2. Help other people feel good (I would love to be a life coach and Mary Kay gives me the chance to mentor other women.)
  3. Meet new people and be part of a positive culture
  4. Being really honest – I want to earn a car. (C’mon, who doesn’t. It’s why people went on Oprah.)

You don’t make an investment in yourself or your future if you don’t have a dream to attain. I think I’ve made the right one with Mary Kay, for myself, my family and for the lucky girls who will get facials and product from me.

Want to feel awesome like me? I’m telling you – join Mary Kay.


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