Post 126: Let’s Take A Picture

Photogeneity is not my strong point.

Take a look at any of my Facebook albums and you will see that I’m never really looking in the right direction. I’m always standing too straight (trying to look skinny), or hunched over (for the more casual look). With a face that’s all cheeks, squinty eyes and wacky hair, I don’t know how I will ever leave this world with proof that I had any amount of poise, or even eyeballs.

If you’ve never had new girlfriends, know this: they want to document your initial bonding moments. I’ll tell you all about my new friends tomorrow, but I’m explaining why no pictures will be included today.

Pictures are a big reason behind people’s motivation to lose weight. They are also a way of tracking progress and showing results. So even though I haven’t figured out how to master the following tips, here’s how you can look your best in all future images.

Looking Good

1. Be a good subject. Be prepared, with hair done, makeup in place and best clothes.

2. Pop Your Joints – Putting your hands on your hips or putting one leg in front of the other makes your arms and legs appear skinnier.

3. Smile with your eyes – If you plan on smiling in your pictures, realize that it’s more than gritting your teeth in a positive way. Think about things that make you happy.

4. Look at the lens – kind of basic, but babies and I usually miss this one.

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Oh, and if you’ve successfully stalked my Facebook page, just know that I was not drink, high or unconscious in any of my photos. I know, I know – but it’s the truth.


3 thoughts on “Post 126: Let’s Take A Picture

  1. Kate, you are dillusional. You have perfect cheek bones, beautiful, shiny hair and shockingly blue eyes. Stop it.

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