Day 124: Paid in Full

“You want to pay the full amount?! WOW!”

Or course, Mr. Credit Card man, I do want to pay off my debt! So I’m using my tax refund to clear my name and be in good financial standing for the first time in my adult life.

Turning a blind eye on how little of my minimum payments was being attributed to the principle amount was too easy until I got married. It was the worst feeling to bring three maxed-out low-limit cards into my marriage. All the stories about money being one of the leading causes of divorce, and I thought for sure that my minor debts would break us.  But just a little bit of weight loss has has taught me that losing a burden is literally liberating.

Sweet freedom!

I paid off Discover and Capital One yesterday, two cards I quickly signed up for upon college graduation. They’ve been on my mind for five years. Today, I paid off my Wells Fargo card of nine years and received the above response.’s to getting out of debt and having healthy finances.

Now, what will I do with the money I was spending on those minimum payments?



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