Post 122: Barre

url-1Going to a new workout class is like going on first date. You wonder what to wear and if you will have a good time. You are excited to try something new and attractive, but you also tell yourself that if you don’t have fun, it was just an hour of your life.  My barre class was awesome and our second date is next Sunday.

Don’t worry, Hubbs knows all about it.

Shirley and I bought the Groupon for this class months ago. Not knowing what to expect, we figured trying it wouldn’t be a bad thing. The Karve studio was full of light, and the class was packed.

We started out with yoga-like stretches, and then moved on to arms toning with small weights. Then we moved to the barre and got a good thigh workout. We worked our legs, our seat and our abs. It burned, but it was great fine muscle toning.

I loved the Karve studio. The owner and the teacher were super nice, and I can’t wait to go back.



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