Post 121: I’m Talking to you Because My Butt Hurts

The building I work in has two sides. The side I sit on just happens to be far away from the water cooler, the large fridge, the front door, the mailboxes and the slightly less bitter coffee. The result? There’s lots of traffic from my side of the building to the other side. For the residents of the other side, they have to find another excuse to get off their butts.

So they take their entitled breaks to come talk to me. This is great because I like to talk. When one of the bosses came over to talk (we’ll call him Dick), he was just honest. “My butt hurts from sitting in my chair all afternoon.

Totally ironic because they just ordered new chairs with “great lumbar support”. Apparently the gluteal cushioning sucks.

Or there was the time when Tab chatted me. ‘I’m doing squats and calf raises at my desk”. Because sitting wasn’t fun.

I think sitting is just fine, but I don’t think humans are meant to have prolonged sendentary positions. This is what is wrong with the workplace! Too much sitting ad too little moving! It’s drives me crazy.

My secret is to drink more so I have to pee more.


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