Post 118: Fitness at the Airport

Goodbye FremontDelays and lots of waiting. These can both be expected with air travel. Sitting is also a big part of it, which is not good for fitness.

And when you’ve spent the better part of your vacation in a nursing home, your fitness is a priority. (Sure, I worked out – which I will talk about later, but it wasn’t like working out at home.)

While Hubbs and I waited for our return flight, which was 45 minutes late, I found some pros and perils of fitness at the airport

Avoid Bad food

Most airport restaurants offer fried or highly preserved food. Many of the restaurants are also bars. Finding a good salad can be difficult, and once you do, it costs $7 for a few leaves of wilted lettuce. So, if you’re hungry at the airport, focus on protein and hydration. ¬†Nuts, water and drinks with electrolytes can be found easily. Instead of going to Cinnabon, find a chain like Subway, where prices may be comparable to other stores and greens may be more fresh.

Take a Walk

Airports are full of walkways. Instead of parking yourself by the gate, walk the terminal. Scared of missing your flight? Just keep an open ear for the announcements.

Carry On Your Luggage

I overpack, so I do need to check a bag. But I stuff my carryon with anything I may need. This makes the bag heavier, which acts like a weight when you lift it.

Take Advantage of Plane Time

If you are apprehensive about flying, I understand if you have trouble sitting back and relaxing during the flight. Rest is important for your body, and if you use your flight to get rest, you may feel healthier.


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