Post 113: Salad Bar

It was my corworker @SandieSaidWhat‘s last day, so we went to lunch. Losing good coworkers is like lending your favorite sweatshirt to someone you don’t see very often. You know you will see it again, but you really just want it there with you. Moving onward and upward is something we all must do, but I’ll still miss SandieSaidWhat.

If you’ve never been to Jason’s deli, you need to go. Sandwiches, soups, baked potatoes, salads- all delicious. I chose their salad bar.

Salad bars are like a choose your own adventure book. You always start with greens, but you end up with something different every time. Today’s salad had a lot of vegetable, a little cheese, some nuts, and a dab of cottage cheese and some apples. And of course pickles (c’mon- it’s Jason’s).

Be warned- they WILL bring you a clean plate for seconds. Don’t hold your dirty plate in a death grip and scream when they try to take it from you. Only freaks do that.



One thought on “Post 113: Salad Bar

  1. Dear Freak,
    Miss you already! You can see your sweatshirt again anytime you want to eat lunch or see a movie. Must say, I love the way it fits.

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