Post 112: Feeling Fit, Looking Flabby

A couple of things about muscles:

  1. Everyone has them. Some people use them more than others
  2. One pound of lean muscle can burn up to 55 calories in an hour. Given the same amount of time, a pound of fat burns 3 calories. Fat is a loser.
  3. Building muscle does not directly translate into burning fat, but it sure does help the process.
  4. Having muscle feels better than having fat.

In a world where people want instant results, I’m surprised more of them aren’t hitting the weight room. It’s the best kept secret that’s right in front of every gym-goer’s eyes. After two weeks of persistently repping it out, I’m a witness to how fast you feel the burn and how you can feel it later. Sure, the fat doesn’t disappear immediately, but you can feel the foundation of your fit body.


The morning after a good workout, I wake up feeling like an adonis…then alertness hits me and I realize that I still look like a weeble-wobble. Felling good and looking flabby- that will change with a consistent regimen.

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