Post 111: Girl Scout Cookies

“Excuse me, would you like to buy a box of..”


I remember being on both sides of this business exchange. As a kid, selling Girl Scout Cookies meant trips to Disneyland, New York City, camping excursions and time with lifelong friends. Now, I can polish off a box of Tagalongs in just about 20 minutes. Yeah..that’s about 1 minute per cookie..if I take time to breathe between bites.

You can’t ignore the fact that these cookies fund a cause. Without my 10 years as an active Girl Scout, I would not be the person I am today. Selling cookies teaches you not to take “no” for an answer. (It also teaches you to get behind a product that sells itself.) Oh, and standing in front of a bank on payday proudly donning your bright green Junior vest? No shame at all, these Girl Scouts.

But really, I use the skills I acquired in Girl Scouts on a daily basis. Because I was a Girl Scout, I’m a better problem solver, goal-setter, evaluator, creator, and achiever. I also know a LOT of silly campfire songs.

Most importantly, I work well with others (especially women) because I worked with the girls in Troop 3952. I learned a lot from those girls and my leaders. They are still out there teaching people…no really, most of them ARE teachers, or they work with animals and other noble causes. I’m a better friend and a better person because of these girls.

So yes, resisting a cool Thin Mint during a long afternoon in the office is difficult on an emotional and a taste bud level. But next time you are asked to buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies- please say yes.

You don’t HAVE to eat them.

This post is dedicated to Heather Cesco, Julie King, Hayley Fletcher, Emily McKean, Sarah Davis, Jessie Nunez, Jessica Forbes.


2 thoughts on “Post 111: Girl Scout Cookies

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