Day 109: There is no Try

yoda-quote“Do or do not..there is no try” ~ Yoda

This quote has annoyed me for years…ever since my dad used it against me in an argument about my grade in French class. (He even attributed the phrase to its fictional originator, which seemed dorky at the time. Now it seems cool.) Believe me, I tried. I memorized conjugations and spellings. I scheduled study hall in that class every week. I even lost sleep before tests. It took three years of C grades in french and a lot of trouble in college german classes for me realize that, try as I might,  I’m no polyglot.

Well here I am, trying again to do something at which I have previously failed. Eating healthy, building muscle, weight loss- I get an A for effort and a “Meh” for progress. (Out of curiousity teachers: would you give any of your students “Mehs”?)

“There is no try”, say dad and Yoda. It’s true. You don’t try to lift weights. You either do a set or don’t. You run a mile or you don’t. You eat an apple or you eat a Girl Scout cookie (we’ll get to those later). Finding the gray area is the first thing you do when you makes fitness excuses. (Sorry, Tab.)

So I’m doing this. And if you’re trying too, you should do this with me.


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