Post 107: My Eyes Are Up Here…

…so stop looking at my tummy.

Today, of course was one full of self- conscious thoughts. I did lose 2 pounds over the weekend, which must have been somewhere invisible to the human eye. With my mountainous gut at the forefront of my mind, I headed off to work , figuring that I would just hide behind my desk for the remainder of the day. Once occupied at the safety of this concealing office furniture, I also found two holes in my shirt.

There are days when your whole “look” falls apart, and all you see are the blemishes on your face, the limpness of your hair, the roundness of your belly, the flatness of your butt or the chalky whiteness of your skin. On these days, the thought of public appearances make you wince.

Because you only see horror in the mirror, you expect others to see the same. Their eyes drift to your mid section, and you want to cover yourself in a king-sized sheet with the comfort of an army-sized chocolate car.

Okay, so it’s not that bad, I’ve found the best way to beat self- consciousness is to head to the gym, lift weights, feel your muscles and lose your breath. So that’s what I did.


One thought on “Post 107: My Eyes Are Up Here…

  1. Excellent response to bad self image! Getting out and lifting some weights really can help, can’t it? Do you have a preference for cardio or resistance based exercise in your quest?

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