Day 106: Muscle Memory

I’m not giving up.

I’m NOT giving up.

I spent this week regaining my resolve and recommitting myself to this. With more consistency, dedication and discipline this WILL happen.

So it’s been a few crazy weeks, but my Christmas tree is down, my house is clean and my bills are paid. Hubbs had a root canal and made a rockstar recovery. Mom is on an 8 week hospital streak and we’re all praying for an upward swing in her condition.

If you could see my emotional muscles, I would be pretty toned. When it comes to my physical muscles tissue, there’s some toning left to do, but I’m happy with my progression. Tabs and I are on Jamie Eason’s program on, and we’ve become acquainted with a whole new portion of the gym– the weight area.

This black-matted, mirror-lined room full of metal scared the crap of me. I just pictured myself being stuck under a barbel too heavy to lift. Turns out it’s not so bad. I can throw a barbel over my shoulders and pump out squats, lunges and dead lifts. I can adjust the lifting machines. I can talk to the big muscley people.

Just another lesson that fear is no reason to stop yourself from doing something.


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