Day 101: If We Buy That, I Will Eat All of It

Sorry for the posting delay- it’s been a crazy, crazy weekend. Lots of time in the hospital with my mom, the nursing home with my grandma and at home with my dad. Then flight, Superbowl, home and decompress. There will still by 365 posts- I just need to catch up…eventually.

Anyway, Hubbs and I made a Costco trip this evening. There’s nothing like bulk food to help you save money and plan meals. We now have healthy Aussie bites, chicken breasts, greek yogurt, and other stuff. But when you walk by a case of microwave popcorn and don’t buy it because you know you will eat the whole thing in a week, you know exactly what to stay away from. That’s right, one of the things I need to focus on is portion control. When I like something, even if it’s healthy, I need to learn when to cut myself off.

This goes back to eating for pleasure vs. eating for sustenance. There’s nothing wrong with having both, so long as the first doesn’t overcome the second. Any tips on portion control?


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