Day 100: A Writer’s Remedy

I blog today from an airport terminal. I’ve been waiting for my departure for 2 hours, and will probably have to wait an hour more. People are so bored that they are starting to talk to strangers.

So after getting in a few Downton Abbey episodes, I remembered that I could blog!

I’m headed home to good old Fremont, California to visit my parents. My mom is very sick in the hospital for the sixth week now and I’m going to see if I can help at all.

I haven’t blogged about my mom because, to me, putting things in writing makes them real. I want my Mom to be healthy, so putting her illness into words makes her that much more unhealthy. That’s why I write about weight loss– it immerses me in the experience.

So Mom, here’s this writers remedy to your current condition. You will soon return to health. Then you will stay healthy and never get sick again. Ever. Not even a headache or a hangnail. We will celebrate by going shopping for my new clothes. I will need a lot when I slough off my muffin top.


2 thoughts on “Day 100: A Writer’s Remedy

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