Day 99: How Bout Them Apples?

Out of all the physical, emotional and mental remedies out there, I’ve found that apples are the most effective and affordable.

So when my morning sucked, I incorporated an apple into my lunch. That’s right- emotional eating without empty calories. So here are a few cool things about one of my favorite fruit.

An apple a day invites healthy ways

Apples contain a multitude of nutrients, which gives your body a lot of good stuff to absorb. When you treat your body right like that, you body rewards you with better health.

An apple a day makes the fat go away

With a relatively low amount of calories (especially for fruit), apples are a great snack that keeps you satisfied for hours.

An apple a day keeps toxins at bay

Apples help clean your liver, and any time you remove nasty stuff from your body, that’s good.

An apple a day is pennies to pay

Apples are sold everywhere, and they are cheap. Whoever said that eating healthy is too expensive needs to remember apples.

Apples have many more benefits, so stop reading this blog and go eat one.


One thought on “Day 99: How Bout Them Apples?

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