Day 98: Better Tomorrow

38d74cd5c6bdc78a1cdcfb15030f2dd7My gym experience today was less than hardcore. My cold is holding on, and the strain of cardio on my airway left me gasping for air. When Tabbs joined me, I settled for a walk on the treadmill while she pounded out a workout.

As we were leaving the gym, we agreed that we would do “Better tomorrow”. It’s probably the smartest thing we’ve said to each other. Ever.

I did my best today. It wasn’t that great, but at least I made it to the gym. I can always do better tomorrow. As long as you’re not putting off to tomorrow what can also be done today, why not shoot for better and better tomorrows?

That’s how progress works. You can always eat cleaner tomorrow, especially if you ate clean today. You can only run farther and faster tomorrow than you did today. You are stronger tomorrow after lifting today. Tomorrow you are older, wiser, stronger, and more attractive than you were yesterday.

So today wasn’t the best. So what? There’s a hard workout waiting tomorrow.


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