Day 97: Protein Bars

Never give me a fruit flavored protein bar. They come in several flavors- and there’s always plenty of chocolate- always go for chocolate. And don’t let them be too chewy. But other than that, protein bars confuse me.

What is the most important element in a protein bar? Because some of them are just too big. And anything with 20 grams of protein has ax excess of 300 calories. For pre- or post- workout fuel, I would like something with fewer calories and a healthy amount of protein.

I’ve settled on “Think Thin” and “Balance” bars. They have a decent amount of calories, protein and a balance of fat and carbohydrate as well. Am I on the right track?


One thought on “Day 97: Protein Bars

  1. protien yields calories, so as your protien goes up, so will your calories. juicePlus just came out with a protein bar and it is the best on the market. I owe you a birthday present – how does a box of JP protein bars sound? They come in carrot cake and mocha – I’m thinking you want the mocha.

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