Day 95: Hubbs

DSC_0165There’s one person who’s never failed at loving me through everything. And though this blog is about fitness, I’m making this post all about my Husband, Hubbs.

I met Hubbs about 6 years ago, and we have officially been together for 5 1/2. We dated for a long time, we’ve found that being married really suits us.

He a big, manly man with a smart head and a soft heart. Yknow those people who are good at everything they do? Well, things come naturally to Hubbs, but he also helps the people around him be better at those things too. What better way to explain why my dieting goes better when he’s on the wagon with me?

There’s no way I could do this without my Hubbs. He supports me, no matter how goofy, discouraged or confident I am at the moment. Thanks for being there for me Matt, and happy early birthday! I love you!


One thought on “Day 95: Hubbs

  1. Have I ever told you how I love how you love him? Matt has such a giant heart and I always hoped he would find someone who appreciated that him. Glad he is on the wagon with you.

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