Day 91: What Skinny People Do

Who better to learn from than the experts? And who would know more about being skinny than skinny people? In addition to the 12 habits of lean people from JillFit. Here are some habits I’ve learned from Skinny people:

1. Skinny people are busy, busy bees

Skinny people DO more and their less skinny counterparts. They get up and do things rather than being lazy all the time.

2. Skinny people take advantage of every opportunity to move

Instead of scooting around in their office chair, skinny people stand up to grab items off the printer or from their inbox. They aren’t exasperated if they have to get up after sitting down.

3. Skinny people say “yes”

They say “yes” to workouts and health foods, but they also say “yes” to treats (but just one little cookie or just one bite.)

So there you go. As I get skinnier, I will know more about how skinny people think.


One thought on “Day 91: What Skinny People Do

  1. I have been thinking about this a lot lately… My work breakroom always has tons of junk food, and you NEVER see skinny people eating the crap. Thinking about that makes me more aware when I go in there, and I *think* it’s been helping me make better choices lately. Great post!!! Xo

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