Day 90: Immunity

In most video games, you play a character with different levels of health. In Super Mario Bros, for example, you collect coins, which are used to buy extra lives. You can also gather different powers, such as the ability to throw fireballs or fly.


In another one of my favorite games, Deathspank, you gather weapons, and armor to keep you safe. You also have different strength levels. (My favorite part is that you eat pizza and ice cream sundaes to gather strength. If only.) Usually, video games characters can get a booster of some sort of immunity.

So, if I were a video game character, I would be fresh out of immunity. I have a cold, and it’s not fun. So, in lieu of a workout, I’m sitting on my couch catching up on Skinny 365. I’m still eating nutrient-rich foods and staying VERY hydrated. I’ll be back at the gym tomorrow, but I’m gathering strength today. Only this superhero doesn’t build strength by eating carby foods.


2 thoughts on “Day 90: Immunity

  1. Take a steamy bath with eucolyptus oil, and drink some hot green tea. I wish I made myself do this every day, but can only get away with it when I am not feeling 100%. Aaaahhhhhhh, rejuvenation!

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