Day 89: Embarrassment vs. Achievement

Full disclosure: When I started Skinny 365, I had big visions of Natalie Portman playing me in the movie version of my whimsical and inspiring story of weight loss and self esteem discovery. I’m grateful to all my followers, and I hope you still keep reading this- I promise results! However, the more people who subscribe to my blog, and my Facebook page, the more I feel self-conscious about my confessions.

It’s easy to share feelings with the mirror and close friends. It’s hard to admit to the world that I’ve let myself go. Yes, I’m working hard, and yes, I’m sticking with it. This I share with pride. But at what point does my humiliation become engulfed in my achievement?552194_432398923489758_480150965_n


2 thoughts on “Day 89: Embarrassment vs. Achievement

  1. It’s a very brave thing you are doing, so please remember how much it helps your followers! You may not know it, but I am somewhat doing it with you. 🙂

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