Day 88: Store Bought vs. Stolen from Chickens Eggs

I’ve developed a taste for eggs stolen from chickens.

Technically they’re not stolen: the chickens belong to my parents in law, and when they go out of town, we feed the animals and collect the eggs.

photo (11)The chickens in question like like this. They have lots of space to walk around and lots of friends of many different ages and colors. There’s even a beautiful rooster in there to mix things up. They do have a couple of coops, but they are not limited to them.

photo (9)So, since I’ve put the chickens first, the eggs are next. The eggs in the picture at left are store bought grade AA eggs on the right and the eggs I collected yesterday at the left. As you can see, they are completely different colors- with beached- white from the eggs at right and a varying shades of tan from the eggs at left. Sometimes there’s a greenish one. They are also shaped differently. The collected eggs are a little bit more pointed, but they are about the same size.


photo (7) copy 2So let’s get to what’s inside. The yolks from the collected eggs (right) are a lot darker and thicker than from the store bought eggs (left). When Google comes up with a way of sharing smells and tastes, I will upload those files, but the collected eggs have a lot more flavor. They cook up in the same about of time, but the results from the collected eggs are much, much better.

The more I know about food, the more I know that it’s important to know where it comes from. So that’s my case for free-range eggs.



2 thoughts on “Day 88: Store Bought vs. Stolen from Chickens Eggs

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  2. I think that free-range eggs taste better as well, though a bunch of people scoff. We did a blind taste-test at my house once and everyone picked the free-range scrambled over the store eggs. Hmm. Maybe we’re not crazy after all! 🙂

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