Day 86: Like I Love Cake

I love you like fat kid love cake.

When I asked my SFAM (sister from another mother) Julie what I should blog about, her text came back quickly: Talk about how much you miss cake. So smart- because parting with body fat also means parting with many edible luxuries.

Until recently, cake really was a luxury. When my grandparents were married during World War II, their family, friends and neighbors all contributed their sugar rations just so they could have wedding cake. And my grandma was skin, skin, skinny.

In the days before every grocery store had a bakery department and convenience stores sold moon pies, you actually had to make your own cake. Depending on the type of cake , it can be pretty labor intensive to make, so at least the baker could enjoy a slice, knowing they had burned off the calories used to prepare the treat.

Cake isn’t a treat anymore. It’s cheap and easy and has a dozen TV shows dedicated to it.  People may still be happy to eat it, but it’s not as special as it used to be. This is one of the reasons obesity is so common.


Okay I’m stopping myself- poor cake! It’s not cake’s fault that people want to eat it. It can’t help that it’s so delicious!

But we can help it. Julie- you are right. I miss cake. I miss a lot of things. But it’s that missing that’s going to make it so much sweeter to get to my goal and finally be able to allow myself those luxuries again.


One thought on “Day 86: Like I Love Cake

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