Day 84: My Workout Playlist

I’ve been saving this for when it is perfect.

Silly me, I should know that playlists are living, breathing, evolving things. I’ll never be done with any playlist, much less my overplayed and overloved workout jams.

A few qualifiers for my playlist:

  • No F-words. There’s nothing like an F-word to demotivate me. I’m more like to say “F-that” when I hear them.
  • No long-drawn out affairs. Yknow those songs that keep going and going? They make my workout seem like it’s going on forever.
  • Get to the beat- fast. Some songs almost make the cut, but their lead-ins are just way too long. I need something to keep me pumped immediately.

So here’s a list of my absolute faves;

  1. Vivrant Thing – Q-tip
  2. Fist Pump, Jump, Jump– Yim Yanf Twins
  3. The Fighter – Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder
  4. Uprising – Muse
  5. Son of Man (from Tarzan)- Phil Collins
  6. Run Llama Run (from The Emperor’s New Groove)- John Debney
  7. I Wanna Dance with Somebody– Whitney Houston
  8. Run and Tell That (from Hairspray)- Elijah Kelly
  9. Chariots of Fire- Vangelis
  10. Nothins Gonna Stand in Our Way (from Transformers the movie)- Spectre General
  11. Bangarang– Skrillex ft. Sirah
  12. Titanium– David Guetta ft. Sia
  13. The Whip– Locksley
  14. International Love- Pitbull
  15. Runaway Baby– Bruno Mars
  16. So Good- B.o.B
  17. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough– Michael Jackson

4 thoughts on “Day 84: My Workout Playlist

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