Day 83: Pushing My Limits


I figure nothing is going to push me as hard as I will push myself.

One reachable goal: run a 5K in fewer than 25 minutes. This would be a nature walk for some of my runner friends out there (ahem Sarah Johnston). However, to me, this is a big achievement. On January 1, I couldn’t even run 2 uninterrupted miles.

With a 5K commitment coming up in the next few weeks, this just won’t cut it.

I’ve come pretty far from my most out-of-shape point. After 1 mile or 100 calories (whichever came first), I would slow the treadmill and say to myself, “Well thank goodness I’m still walking”.

I left that wimp somewhere in the dust when I started training for my 5K time. Today, I ran 2.25 miles at about a 10:15 minute mile. I stopped only once to tie my shoe. The past few

weeks have been spent adding .20 miles each day until I’ve gotten to this point, and I intend on continuing until I reach 4 miles. The last mile is always run a little bit faster than the rest….

..and the first mile is always a little bit easier every time I hop on the treadmill.



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