Day 82: Feeling Young

Today is my birthday. I’m 27, so this means that I’ve looked like I was 18 for 9 years now. For those of you who say I’m lucky, I know that come 40, I will appreciate my baby face. Unfortunately, looking young at 27 is a something about which I am very self conscious.

Yeah, yeah, yeah- I’m ranting about something that is pretty awesome. But I worry about a few things:

  1. Being taken seriously at work. (Losing weight is also part of this.)
  2. Being taken seriously anywhere.
  3. Forgetting my ID when I go anywhere. (I get asked if I’m a student at high school football games. I don’t want the authorities looking for my parents should anything happen to me.)

Superficial and whiny, I know. I will probably look back in 10 years and laugh at how dumb I was.

So there you go, one year older. The good news is the being fit can help you look younger. Since you lose muscle mass as you age, building it during your earlier years promotes strength throughout your life. People who are slimmer and well-kept are usually perceived as younger than they actually are.

So I guess by next birthday, I’ll look like I’m 16.


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