Day 81: Crossfit

Crossfit session yesterday means sore Kate today. Or in Tabs’ words “Holy FML.”

Shirley has been telling me about Crossfit for months. She generously invited Tabs and I to join a trial workout, and I’m glad I went! For a workout that kicks your butt, there is a group of great people cheering you on the whole time.

It’s a little like summer camp. You are apprehensive of the experience, but once you get thrown into the lake with the other swimmers, you feel like one of the group. You end up going home glad that you went with great memories to share.

The workout was with partners, and since Shirley and Tabs are giants tall, they were a good pair. My partner Callie and I weren’t strangers for long, considering the first thing we had to do was drag each other 100 meters. They had to cut the workout in half for my weakling self, but it was still tough. All I have to say is poor Callie. I hope they give her a free class for dealing with me.

Anyway, here are a few things you should know about Crossfit:

1. Those pins on Pinterest that advertise a “Crossfit” workout: they may take you through the exercises, but they don’t re-create the atmosphere of a Crossfit session. Unless you have industrial sized tires, big boxes or any other fitness equipment you can only find in the training sequence of Rocky IV, it’s not a true Crossfit workout. For your reference, here it is. Don’t pay attention to Drago- focus on Rocky.

2. Don’t underestimate your own strength. I never thought I could do some of the things I tried yesterday, but they happened.

3. If you ever, EVER want to break the ice with anyone, drag them 100 meters. In lieu of hugging, I’m dabating making my children do this to each other when they aren’t getting along.

4. Cross fit is awesome, and the minute I can afford it, I’m signing up.

Special thanks to Shirley Kefgen, Haley Brinkerhoff, and Erin Finch for being my Corssfit heroes. And thanks to the staff of Firebird Crossfit for letting me entertain you yesterday.


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