Day 80: In the Buff

I’m not really a naked kinda person. I like wearing clothes (preferrably sweatpants and a hoodie). This is a good thing for two reasons: First, I have nothing to show off and second, strutting around in your birthday suit is pretty much a behavioral faux pas.

But I read somewhere that you should be comfortable with yourself and your body, so a few weeks ago I decided to spend more time with it.

Don’t take me wrong; my body and I are pretty much inseparable. It tells me when it’s hungry. I command it to go farther when I’m running. We are good communicators, but bad friends.

So, every morning between showering and dressing. I take about 2 to 3 minutes to look in the mirror and evaluate my lumpy physique. It’s just me and my bod and my bathroom and that’s O.K..

Since taking up this practice, I have found a few things:

1. There actually are parts of my body that I’m proud of. It’s good to have parts of myself that I would never change.

2. My muscles are coming in nicely. Weight lifting has built some nice lean muscle that I can see and feel.

3. I really only have two areas that I hate: my waistline and my butt. Having this image in my head is really good when I need to eat right or work harder.

4. Spending a few quiet minutes with myself (clothed or unclothed) is a very good way for me to start off my day. The more in tune I am with myself, the better I can face the challenges and good times before me.

So yeah, what began as confronting a fear turned into a zen habit. I’m going to keep doing it.


2 thoughts on “Day 80: In the Buff

  1. Hi Kate! Excellent topic…I went for years without ever looking at my naked-self in a full length mirror. In hindsight, I think this was even more unhealthy than refusing to weigh myself because I was left with only my unhappy thoughts and/or denial…

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