Day 79: My G-Fruit

photo (7) copy

“Wow! That’s really big!”, was my friend B’s comment when I showed her the picture at right.

I made her clarify that she was talking about the grapefruit.

If there’s one way to beat the 2:30pm blues (and the 4:30 ones), it’s by eating grapefruit. Talk about a flavorful, guilt-free snack! I feel like I’ve found the panacea for afternoon downers!

Grapefruit is amazing. It speeds up your metabolism, wakes up your taste buds, and has tons of nutrients.

Of course, not everyone likes grapefruit. This blog about it is hilarious and hit’s home for pre-Skinny 365 me.

Yeah, grapefruit isn’t cake, but it is pretty awesome! I depend on it to get through the day, Thanks to God, farmers and the grocery store for bringing this delicious fruit to a store near me!


One thought on “Day 79: My G-Fruit

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