Day 76: Gender Roles

Hubbs and I will probably never have the same workout routine. Hubbs hates running and I love it. I hate lifting and he loves that. His main goal would be to gain strength. Mine is to lose weight and get toned. I’ve talked to Hubbs about going to the gym together, and he respectfully declines with logical reasoning: we would never do our workouts together.

Besides, I look horrific mid-cardio.

Juxtapose us with this couple that used to come to my former gym. He was a wall of muscle and she had very little body fat. Their outfits were coordinated well, and she wore a full face of makeup. And what did they do when they came to the gym? Socialized!

Two very different behaviors on varying degrees of the gender stereotypes. It’s kind of funny the gender roles we find at the gym. What to know more? Check out the opposites in this video, courtest of Greatist.


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