Day 75: Film Inspiration: Happy

imgres-1Skinny-ness isn’t always happiness.

At least, that’s what the documentary “Happy” says. This movie is available on Netflix, and rentable and purchasable on iTunes and the movie website. I watched it this morning and enjoyed the inspiration throughout the day.

Basically, what I got from “Happy” was that once basic needs (food, water, sleep, shelter) are provided for, people have the same amount of happiness, no matter their financial status. When people are focused on intrinsic goals like helping other people and cultivating healthy relationships, they were happy.

Then “Happy” takes the viewer around the globe to the happiest and unhappiest nations in the world. The U.S. currently ranks 23rd on the happiness scale, right between Japan and Bhutan. Native african tribes, Denmark and Okinawa are also featured among the happy.

In Japan, karoshi, of death due to overwork is extremely common. The high pressure to excel has an extreme effect on the happiness of the country.

Bhutan, on the other hand has taken steps to help the country be one of the happiest in the world. The government has actually gotten involved and has chosen to fund schools, land, and other places that promote happiness instead of damming up valleys to make energy to sell to India.

Happy is narrated by experts and people who live happily every day.

I’m bad, bad, bad at thinking “I will be happy when I am skinny”. I also think that I will be happy when I make more money. In reality, I have all the tools I need to be happy: basic needs, a close family, and the opportunity to help other people every day.

One of the goals of Skinny 365 is to be happy, and more time on the treadmill isn’t going to do that. Being skinny doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be happy, but it does make you feel better.


2 thoughts on “Day 75: Film Inspiration: Happy

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