Day 74: Getting Organized

I like to think of myself as an organized person. I mean- all the important things are in the right places. And then I go into my spare rooms…to find complete chaos.

Hubbs and I have a decent-sized house, but we only use about 75% of the space. The front room is dedicated to looking nice and part-time yoga and piano playing. The living room is dedicated to entertainment. The kitchen and bathrooms are self-explanatory, and the bedroom is for entertainment and sleeping. The other two bedrooms are for and nostalgia.

When you have plenty to do in the rest of your house, it’s easy to throw rarely-used belonging into the spare rooms and forget about them. Today, I found myself in the midst of the mess I had created in these rooms looking for my spare car key. (Yes, I locked my keys in my car.) While digging through DVDs that have been replaced by Netflix and books that have been replaced by Kindle and Audible, I also found the beginnings of projects and papers that should have been sorted long ago.

I ever found my car keys, but I was awakened to the fact that my life could use a lot more order. And with this life organization comes more blog organization. Sometimes, I am the queen of random, and I’m quite proud of that. But it ocurrs to me that maybe the blog could stand an upgrade. So look forward to more upgrades and sections on Skinny 365!


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