Day 73: Scrambled Eggs

Some days are easier those others. This day would fall into the “others” category.


Having a lot on my mind used to make me put a lot on my plate. Stress eating got me good, and I did it frequently.  But how could I turn down, “I don’t have time to eat healthy”, or “I deserve this”?

When your brain and your body feel like scrambled eggs, you put your eggs in a scramble.

New Kate knows that it takes less time to make scrambled eggs that it does to order a pizza. And they taste amazing! So, take my bad day and turn it into something good for you. Eggs are some of the healthiest and whole foods out there. Here’s why:

The World’s Healthiest Foods

10 Health Benefits of Eggs

Health Benefits of Eggs


2 thoughts on “Day 73: Scrambled Eggs

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