Day 72: Nike Fuelband

Nike-Fuel-FeaturedI LOVE my Nike Fuelband.

It’s more than one week after Hubbs gave it to me for Christmas, and by this point I feel I can give an accurate review of it. Here’s what I’ve found so far.


Nike Fuelband tracks the number of active calories burned. It’s also a pedometer and a watch. Sync your Fuelband with your smart phone app (iPhone for me) to see these numbers crunched.

photo (3)Fuelpoints Decoded

Nike Fuelband converts your active energy to Fuelpoints. Now, from what I can tell these Fuelpoints are “burned” based on Nike’s movement algorithm. Basically, it can tell how much you move and the intensity of your movement and measures it on a point system. Set your Fuelpoint goal for the day and try to reach it.

I’ve found that 1,500 Fuelpoints is more than enough to make it through a day at the office. Another 1,500- 2,000 Fuelpoints equals a moderate to hard workout.  My 1/2 hour commute to work is good for about 130 Fuelpoints. So, as a working stiff with a gym membership, my average goal is 3,500 Fuelpoints per day.

For more information about how this works, check out A Blog to Watch.

Fuelband Sensitivity

I’m really impressed with the Fuelband’s ability to track the intensity and amount of my movement. One sleepless night I removed it from its charger (power lasts about 2 days), put it on and then fell asleep. The little bit of motion that happened while I was unconscious  registered on my activity report the next day. Of course, my 5K runs registered much, much higher on the scale.

Wearing the Fuelband

My hesitance to want the Fuelband was based off of a few bad reviews, one which said that it was flimsy and broke easily. This is soooo not the case. I’ve found it to be pretty sturdy and even water and sweat resistant. Not that I’ve taken it into the shower or anything- but it’s gotten through hand and dish washing.


“If anything, it’s a good motivator.” That’s what the rep at the Apple Store told me, and he was right. (Hubbs did buy the Fuelband at the Apple Store.) On days when my goal was set too high, or when I decided to skip the gym, I had to make up for my inactivity in other ways. As a result, my house is very clean, my laundry is very folded, and my couch is less sat-on.) I move a ton more now that every movement counts toward something.

What Doesn’t Work

Yoga doesn’t work with the Fuelband. Not that it inhibits your ability to power pose, but it just doesn’t track your calories or Fuelpoints burned, even though you’ve worked hard. Since a chose my left and also dominant wrist on which to wear the Fuelband, I found that when I am holding things or writing, it doesn’t track that activity. It makes me wonder if my activity level or Fuelpoint conversion would change should I move it to my right hand.

photo (3) copyAchievements

I love the achievement factor of video games. They encourage you to push yourself farther and try new things. Nike+ awards achievements for Fuelpoints earned, goals reached and goals exceeded. An achievements addict like myself will reach for the sky.

What Definitely Works

Since the Fuelband encourages me to move more, I feel like I have more energy. I also have automatic validation for the work I have done. The reports on the Nike+ website and App let me SEE my activity throughout every day I have used the Fuelband.

So, the Nike Fuelband is definitely worth it! Get one and be my friend!


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