Day 71: The 4:30 PM Blues

19090817263Even the best of intentions are combatted with the worst of temptations around 4:30pm.

For those of you who don’t work in an office, 4:30 pm marks the time of day when you beg the seconds to tick by faster, or where you pray for more time to finish your work. No matter how hard you’ve worked, you’re usually tired.

It was around this time today that I felt the need to nap. The droop of my eyelids, the pain between my shoulder blades, and the lethargy of prolonged sitting filled my head with thoughts of speeding home, flopping down and not getting up until I had to return to my desk the next day.

Sure. I could grab an energy drink, but I’ve found that the only way to liven up those 4:30 pm blues is to always have a gym bag on hand and always make a beeline for the gym.

My development of this habit paid off today. It was only after a nice bit of yoga that I let myself lay down. I was still dog tired, but I’d gotten in a workout and my back didn’t hurt anymore. It was worth it. It’s worth it every time!

So even if you got them 4:30 pm blues, I’m sayin’ it’s okay.

You put on them running shoes and sweat those blues away.


One thought on “Day 71: The 4:30 PM Blues

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