Day 70: Have a Clean, Lean 2013

happy_2013I recently expressed my interest in competing in a 5K. My fit-wise sister-in-law Holly, a triathlete and athlete in general, advised me to sign up for one.

Making goals and plans is great, but without follow-through they have no weight. And sometimes weight is a good thing.

So at this time when people make resolutions and goals so airy that they are broken before noon on January 1, it seems like any goals I set are doomed. My New Years resolution is to keep my car clean. I’m simply taking advantage of the calendar change to make new goals.

So here’s what I what to do in 2013:

Compete in a 5K with a time of less than 25 minutes

Keep a healthy gym routine of 4 or more days per week

Calories aside, keep a healthy nutrient intake

Reach my goal weight of 125 pounds

So today I’ve been to the gym, run a 5K, and eaten a salad chock full of nutrient-rich food.

Here’s to a clean, lean 2013.


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