Day 67: The Ultimate Excuse

chicksOf all the excuses and alternate plans I’ve made in my life, going to the gym is the most successful.

No one ever really tries to stop me from going to the gym. In fact, of all the people who could deter my gym trips, the only person who can dissuade me from visiting the gym is myself.

To those of you who have extended invitations to me which have been turned down because of a gym session, don’t worry. When I say I’m going to the gym, I’m definitely going to the gym. I’ve just realized that no one discourages me from following through on these plans.

Thinking back to my time in college, when plans to study were often met with “You can study later”, or “Don’t worry- you’ll pass the test. You’re smart”. These responses were also heard when I expressed interest in sleeping, reading and even the need to go to work.

Apparently I know a lot of people who have special respect for exercise or this is a viewpoint of society as a whole. In general, the response to my gym plan announcements is “okay”, but sometimes I a great response.

My favorite is my sister-in-law Holly’s “Right on!”



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