Day 64: Girl in Transition

Lately my lingo has been full of “instead of”, and “micronutrient- rich foods” and “good for you”. I’m becoming the person who reads food labels and knows what they mean. I’m turning down bad foods for healthier alternatives. Gone is the girl who was fat in both body and mind. This chick has more room in her clothes, more energy in her joints, more sleep in her bed and more knowledge in her head.

Since this transition has been slow, it didn’t seem like it was happening until today at lunch. While I let myself eat whatever I wanted yesterday, I was back to a healthy diet today. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be: like walking through mud, and the mud is waist high.

My lunch usually consists of a grocery store salad and some sort of fruit or nuts to propel me through the 3pm slump. It’s a good routine until I find the pistachios. Normally, I buy a bag of these, lying to myself that I will only eat a healthy portion. Then I scarf down the whole bag before 2pm. For a food that’s good in moderation, I commit the sin of gluttony 100% of the time. This time I put the bag back and grabbed a small tub of watermelon instead.

My goal line is still far away, but I can look back and see the start line far behind me. It’s good to be a girl in transition.


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