Day 63: Merry Fit-mas

From the bright eyed and bushy tallied awake at 5:30am to returning home a few minutes ago, this Christmas has been awesome!

Now, I could tell you about the disordered joy of watching kids open their presents, or about watching my favorite Christmas movie (“Elf”), or about the prime rib dinner (hey, it’s Christmas- cut me a break), or about how amazing my family is.

I could tell you about all of that, but I know you really want to know what I got. Here it is, all atop my new fleece ocelot body pillow.


Your eyes do not deceive you. It’s pretty awesome. Gifts not pictured are still treasured; these are just the fitness related ones. I a Nike Fuelband (thanks Hubbs), a Camelbak water backpack, and a Nike + iPod gadget for running (thanks Holly and Bernie).

I’m excited to use all of them, and I’ve been wearing the Fuelband all day.

Merry Christmas.


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