Day 62: First Christmas

This Christmas marks a lot of firsts for me. It’s my first Christmas away from my family. Conversely, it’s my first Christmas with Hubbs’ family.

It’s the first time I’ve stopped by the gym on Christmas Eve. I wasn’t open, but do I get points for showing up?

In my excitement about blogging, it’s the first time I’ve asked for fitness equipment (but not he first time I’ve gotten it).

This one may be weird, but it’s the first Christmas Even during which I have slept in my own bed.

It’s the first year I’ve made cookies, and they actually made it out of the house AND to their destinations without being eaten.

Another first? It’s the first time during my Skinny 365 adventure that my pants don’t fit. When I started, putting on jeans was like fitting a sausage into its casing. Now, there’s room to spare!

So I wish the best of holidays to all of you! Mom, may you get well. Dad, take care of yourself and be a superhero (you know, like the ones in those movies you already opened). Scott, Amy, Jaden, Bryson, Connor: I’ll miss opening gifts with you, but I hope you like them!


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