Day 58: Feeling It

Life is short...

I’m an open book. What you see on my face, the words I say- it’s all real.

This is a blessing and a curse. People believe what I say, but I also have a bad instant blushing trait. My emotions don’t get in the way of my life, but you can tell what I’m feeling. I don’t believe that you can be a writer without knowing the thoughts and emotions that dr


ive actions. I let myself feel anger, sadness, guilt and grief, but I never let them stay long. Perhaps that’s why I blush so hard when I’m embarrassed- I’m feeling all the mortification I will ever feel about that moment right then and there.

There’s too much to be happy about in this world, too many blessings to dwell on the negative.

So this article from Mark’s Daily Apple “The Physical Toll Negative Emotions”, really stuck out to me. In a very well written piece, he explains the physical connection with negative emotions and and immune function, heart attacks, stroke, depression and other negative emotions. He emphasizes that, “We’re designed, of course, to experience (and recover quickly from) a wide range of emotions, but when we get stuck in a negative rut for too long, it exacts a physiological as well as psychological toll.”


I couldn’t agree more! Experiencing negative emotions is completely healthy, but holding on to them is like carrying around a bag of garbage on a hot day.

How does this apply to weight loss? I used to have a lot of latent self-hate buried deep inside when I started Skinny 265. I’m sure it showed, but I didn’t want to admit to myself that I didn’t like that part of myself. I hid behind my strengths, knowing that my weaknesses

were literally taking up more and more space in my life. Since I’ve embraced self discipline, self control and given myself gym time and a nutrient-rich diet, I’ve felt that burden leave me. Had I not started this, I would never have known the difference.

Now that I love myself more, I am more loving and accepting of other people. It is easier to move past cha

llenges and harder to go back to old habits.

Want to lose weight and achieve your goals? Let go of negative emotions. Embrace love of self.

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