Day 57: Things I Haven’t Said


I get jealous when my coworkers enjoy delicious lunches while I stick with a salad at my desk. Of course, I’m happy for them, but I miss stuffing myself mid-day.

“You should come with us!”, they said today. “Just don’t write about it on your blog.”

The truth is, I haven’t disclosed everything on Skinny 365. Everything I have said is fact, but I’ve omitted the grody details. This isn’t a food journal, because I really believe that would be boring.

That being said, I’ve left out the Christmas treats I’ve snagged and the days when I just didn’t make it to the gym. On the other hand, my hardest workouts and healthiest meals haven’t made the cut either. Yes, I’ve messed up, but I’ve also succeeded.

Ultimately, I think any journey is going to have its ups and downs, but its the triumphs that need to be highlighted. About 6 years ago my best friend Tums and I took a road trip from St. Louis, Missouri to Fremont, California. Tums and I have been close since we were little, so we were prepared to have a lot of fun, and we did. Sure, there were times when we didn’t want to be in the car one more minute, but we both remember the trip as “good times”.

I love writing this blog, and I hope you continue in this journey with me. Thanks to all my loyal readers and welcome to all my new o

nes! I promise results. I promise laughs. I promise motivation and ideas. And I promise that, no matter how rocky the road, I’m going to keep going. Because that goal weight, that self-esteem- everything I want: it means that much to me.


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