Day 56: Gym Etiquette

How hard is it to be polite at the gym? You would think that people who are taking the time to work on themselves would have good attitudes. You would also think that with numerous exercise stations, there wouldn’t be any way anyone could get in another person’s way.

Exhibit A: I’ve mentioned grunting meatheads before: those people who grunt and groan loudly while lifting weights. Sound effects are normal with lifting, but there is such a thing as trying to attract attention.

Exhibit B: There was once a woman talking on speakerphone on the treadmill. Rude.

Exhibit C: The people who sit on the one set of stairs in the gym. After a long cardio workout, my legs are about the give out on me. Why do I have to navigate around people?

Here are some general rules of thumb for gym etiquette:

  • Wipe down the equipment after you have used it.
  • Don’t hog the equipment- even the sauna
  • Don’t make so muh noise that is disturbs your neighbors
  • Don’t touch anybody. They see you sweating already. Touching is just nasty.
  • Stay out of the way. Don’t stand in walkways or stairways.
  • Don’t have a party with your friends. Most people come stag or with a buddy. Don’t bring all your friends.

For the most part, people are nice, and stay to themselves at the gym. But there are always those other people…



One thought on “Day 56: Gym Etiquette

  1. Let me add another….don’t give unsolicited advice! THis one is he worst. Seriously people, do I look like I need advice in how to lift weights?

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